Bird (2020)

Most years there’s a yarn festival at Farnham Maltings, called Unravel. I went in 2018 and 2019, and in 2020 it was pretty much the last thing I did before lockdown made it impossible to do things.

It’s fun to go to Farnham on the train, because the carriages are full of people in handmade jumpers and shawls, knitting jumpers and shawls and socks and hats. When the train arrives in Farnham, the platform is suddenly packed with knitters, and you can just follow the crowd to the Maltings.

After the madness of the festival (Yarn! People! More yarn! More people!), I like to wind down with a quiet browse in the nearby New Ashgate Gallery, where I found this little smoke-fired bird by Debbie Barber. It sits in two positions, more upright (above) or more horizontal (below).